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Apartment Loft shared

Room No2 (approx 20m2) Rent chf 1,100.- charges included

Room No4 (approx 12m2) Rent chf 950.- charges included

​Academie apartment each bedroom has its own shower room, shared common rooms

Bedroom no 1 (approx 16m2) Rent chf: 1250.- charges included

Room no. 4 (approx 25m2) Rent chf: 1520.-for 1 student


Room no. 4 occupied by 2 students, i.e. 2x chf 760.- charges included

Studio shower room, toilet, sink, kitchenette

private occupation

Studio 2 (approx 21m2) Rent chf: 1450.- charges included

If interested, please send the site reservation form accompanied by:

- A copy of identity document

- Proof of education

- Proof of address

- Proof of income

thank you for your visit

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